Who, what, where and why?

Hey, I’ve now moved my page to


Please follow the link to visit my site and read about my attempts to travel from the UK around the world, via Japan without taking any aeroplanes – just buses, trains, and cargo ships!


5 thoughts on “Who, what, where and why?”

  1. Hi Dan, yes, I have a question please – in the event of a kidnaping, how will we be updated of this? Do you think we should agree a code word, or should we presume a set period of ‘no updates’ time equals a kidnapping? I feel this is important. Thanks, concerned, Manchester

  2. Well I’m guessing that however high an opinion I have of myself they probably won’t kidnap me just because they want to enjoy my company, and that therefore, if they want money, they should hopefully be up for letting me do a bit of a “shout out” video to get the plea for ransom money across to you all….
    The “no updates” option might seem a good idea, but I’m likely to probably loose my laptop sooner rather than later and that might make this harder to update – don’t want any false alarms!

    1. Good call, yes I didn’t think of that, we should be alright then.

      On another note, hope to see more of Thomas Das Tank Engine and friends in future blogs!

  3. Wow, awesome blog! Wish you much success on the rest of your travels. If still in Japan in March, let me me know 😉

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Travelling without planes…