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Maeklong Market – (aka, the one with the train)

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So, another train post, but this one will hopefully be of interest to more people than normal!

The Market at Maeklong is famous on YouTube (well it is relative to the other markets on YouTube…) as the market through which a train runs several times a day, causing all the stall holders to quickly pull their stalls, goods and the awnings that cover them out of the way of the passing train before quickly returning to normal as soon as the train has safely(!?) passed. Continue reading Maeklong Market – (aka, the one with the train)


Railway Museum pages now up

I seem to find myself coming across steam trains in various states of disrepair throughout my trip.  Sometimes in museums, sometimes just outside train stations.  Given I’ve now amassed quite a few photos of these I thought I would put up a new part of my blog to show them off, away from the eyes of those who might think this all “a bit sad…..

I’m not (he said defensively) actually a particular train geek so I have no idea what the identity of most of these trains are, and even when they was a plaque or something saying what they were its not something I have cared to note down. Instead what I’ve done is split them down into where they can be found.  (links will be added to this post as I upload the pages or can be found in the page menu on the left.)

I like the “elephant graveyard” feel of a lot of these places, at the photos I take reflect that.  I tend to prefer the ones left to rust and decay.