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I’ve enjoyed writing my blog on my travels rather more than I thought I would when I first set out to do so 10 months ago. And so with still over 6 months to go, and with a whole new continent to go to, together with numerous posts I just haven’t yet gotten round to posting, I thought that refreshing my site with a slightly less “dark” look and with a new easier domain name would be a good idea, so having taken the plunge and having paid some company some real money to get one – here we are.  No Fly Tripping 2.0 as it were…

This reference will be lost on anyone no familiar with the No Fly Tipping illegal dumping) signs found in the UK

The content will be much the same (indeed most of the existing content is exactly the same) but I will be making some tweaks, adding some new bits, maybe getting rid of some old and updating many of the photos.  Now that I’m no longer on WordPress.Com I occasionally find myself a bit technically out of my depth and the new site has some issues with linking images back to the original WordPress site that I have to work on, so patience please if you notice any issues, and if you do, let me know so I can put it right!

In the meantime, if you have followed me at, I would kindly ask that you would now follow me here on and if you haven’t followed me before, then now would be as good a time as any to start…


Maeklong Market – (aka, the one with the train)

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So, another train post, but this one will hopefully be of interest to more people than normal!

The Market at Maeklong is famous on YouTube (well it is relative to the other markets on YouTube…) as the market through which a train runs several times a day, causing all the stall holders to quickly pull their stalls, goods and the awnings that cover them out of the way of the passing train before quickly returning to normal as soon as the train has safely(!?) passed. Continue reading Maeklong Market – (aka, the one with the train)

Wat this way…

I’m fairly certain every Wat pun has been done to death by anyone who has ever been there.  So just be thankful the one in the title is the only one I’m going to try!

I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking for this post.  For Ankor Wat and its surrounding ruins I will just say the following:

  • They are amazing!
  • There are many tourists – BUT – there are also many temple, so it’s perfectly possible to find sites with few, if anyone else there

    crowds watching sunrise at Ankor Wat
    To be honest, if you are in the crowd, and especially if you are near the front, the view is so good that you forget everyone else is there
  • Get a multiday ticket.  The Three Day pass is the price of 2 Day tickets, but is valid for any three days in the following week so you can have a break from temple hopping.
  • Go to see sunrise, and keep your fingers crossed for the weather! If its cloudy, then get a head start on the crowds and start seeing the temples on your own.  Try again for the sunset another day!
  • The weather can change from bright blue skies to rainstorm quickly!
  • Siem Reap is actually a party town – and expect to be offered “special” brownies, pizzas, shakes etc, as well as just straight up weed, cocaine (which is apparently most likely to be pure heroin) and even opium… It’s like being in Brixton.

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Phnom Penh without the Killing Fields

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time in Vietnam, I was sad to leave, and spent my time on the bus to Cambodia thinking about how quickly I could travel the around the rest of South East Asia to give me as much time possible back in Vietnam when I return to China.

Like most of South East Asia, I had done painfully little research on what to see in Cambodia.  It was in truth, on my list of places to visit for only two reasons:
First, it has the magnificent ruins at Ankor Wat,
Second… well, it’s the quickest way to get from Vietnam to Thailand without flying.
So as I sat on the bus to Phnom Penh (a capital it has taken my the best part of a week to learn to pronounce correctly) I thought about how I might be able to get through Cambodia as quickly as possible. Why stop at Phnom Penh at all I thought. Why not just transfer and jump straight on a bus going onto Siem Reap to see Ankor Wat and then get out to Thailand? What was there to see in Phnom Penh? Was I just using it as an excuse to break up the journey?

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Soviet Monuments – Part 1

And now, as they say, for something completely different.

I’ve taken a lot of photos on this trip so far, (you may have noticed the ones on trains for example…) and one of the things I have been keen to do is to take photos of similar things in different parts of the world, as I thought that way I could then group them together and share the best ones on this blog.

One of my first ideas for this, was to take photos of the various Soviet monuments, mostly war memorials, that lie inside the countries of the old USSR or, as in Berlin, were put up in honour of those who had died in situ as it were.

I’ve found them very interesting things to photograph. Whilst there are many similarities between them – particularly the style in which they depict people, there has also been quite a bit of variety too. Unfortunately as my trip is no longer taking me home through Russia and Eastern Europe, this is a series, that for now at least, is incomplete. However rather than just leave them rotting on my hard drive, I thought I would put up what I currently have, as a “Part 1” as it were, and perhaps sometime in the future I will be able to photograph a “Part 2” Continue reading Soviet Monuments – Part 1

Hoi An – touristy, but none the worse for it

So my whistle-stop tour of Vietnam continues and once again I find myself thinking about how someday I will have to come back to visit this fantastic country at a more relaxed pace.

Hoi An has been the perfect counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of Hanoi and my outdoor adventures on Cat Ba Island. It is also a place that I probably shouldn’t like. Once one of the busiest trading ports in S.E.Asia, its importance declined after its waterways began to silt up, until its global reputation grew again on the back of its status as a tourist hot-spot. And make no mistake, Hoi An is a tourist town.

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Beautiful and terrifying – Getting active in Cat Ba Island

Having high expectations of a place when travelling is always a dangerous thing. So often you can build something up to the point that the reality has no way of meeting the illusion you have created in your mind. Often for me, I will arrive at a place to find that an over abundance of tourists and purveyors of tat and overpriced tours clashes with my dreams of Indiana Jonesesq exploration. And then there are issues like the weather to factor in. It’s fair to say my expectations of Zhangjiajie in China, which I had been told was the inspiration for the scenery in the film of Avatar, were not met after the weather decided to intervene…

Fog - theres nothing else to see!
The views from the worlds longest cable car at Zhangjiajie are spectacular. Apparently…

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