Found rather unexpectedly in a small city in Romania called Sibiu, I hesitate to call this a museum, although thats what Google Maps lists it as.  It is in fact, more like an active locomotive depot, complete with operational turntable, around which there are about a dozen various steam locomotives that have basically been left to rot.  Highlights are the steam crane and steam snow plow. (It took me ages to work out it was a snow plow…)

There is apparently an entrance fee, but the only people around were working on the depot and no one ever asked me for anything nor was there any indication that I could find that this was actually a museum. I kept expecting to be told to clear off for tresspassing, but was not and it was actually lots of fun to clamber over everything in a way you definitely wouldn’t get away with at the NRM in York….

Working depot, working turntable
Working depot, working turntable
Steam crane
Steam crane
Steam crane
Steam crane
Steam crane
Steam crane
Steam snow plow
Steam snow plow
Speed plate
Romanian trains are not any faster today…









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