several trains viewed inside the hanger

Beijing Railway Museum

After posting lots of pictures of China’s beautiful scenery and architecture I felt I was neglecting something. Then I remembered it must be almost 3 weeks since I last put up pictures of a railway museum.  Well I thought to myself – this must be corrected immediately, and so below you can find a link to some photos from China’s biggest railway museum, which is unsurprisingly enough in Beijing.

The Chinese love their trains, they keep families linked together, help get people to work, and are even bound up in the history of their civil war and war against the Japanese.  It was understandable therefore to find that the museums here took themselves a bit more seriously than some of the others I have been to.  No rust on show here, no trains abandoned to the elements, no weird black plastic replacing all the glazing, and most thankfully, no wedding photos…

Steam Locomotive 4-8-4 KF Class No 7
Look familiar? It’s stable mate is in York

I’ll be honest, its a little bit too clean for me, it felt like being back in the Railway Museum in York. I realised I missed being able to clamber over everything with impunity, and rusting trains just look more interesting to photograph.  Still there is some interesting stuff on show, including the stable mate of the giant British built Chinese locomotive on display at the NRM.

Follow this link for more photos


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