Bride on the tracks

Hong Kong’s Romantic Railway Museum

Hong Kong’s Railway Museum is small, and lets get one thing straight.  It is not romantic.  But this, and the fact Hong Kong must have a million other better backdrops (beaches, the city skyline, beautiful natural scenery) does not seem to stopped it becoming a popular spot for wedding photos…

I’ve commented before on the strange phenomenon of couples having their pictures taken betwixt locomotives but this is the first time I’ve seen a couple having wedding photos taken at one.  It would appear it’s not an irregular occurence either…

Bride on the tracks
How romantic
Funny I never saw a sign like this at the NRM in York....
Hmm I don’t remember ever seeing a sign like this at the NRM in York….

If you interested in more information on the actual museum and some definitely non-romantic photos, then follow this link

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